Patrick at GreyDog Motors is working a cool cafe racer project that, among other things, is going to slap a GSXR 15″ front disc rotor on a Harley front hub laced to a 17″ rim. Should be pretty sweet.

The bolt hole patterns of the rotor and hub don’t match up and the shoulder on the harley hub is too small to support the rotor so we machined an adaptor and drilled a matching bolt circle onto the rotor.

There’s not a lot of room in there between the rotor and the fork, but there’s enough!


Compact Assembly

by IndependentMachine on September 11, 2014

This is our latest and most demanding project to date. We were originally given 2D drawings for the primary parts and a general idea of what the machine needed to do.


After a couple weeks of design and drafting work, and a few design changes later, we had completed a working 3D model.


From there, we started cutting metal and sourcing off the shelf parts for the project.




eccentric bushing 2


Unfortunately we signed an NDA and cant tell you what this machine does, but we took plenty of pictures and are happy to show you them!



cutting camshafts
shafts and rockers (2)

rollers closeup


Silk Screen Machine

by IndependentMachine on September 2, 2014

This is a repair job we did on a M & R Eclipse.

It is a semi-automatic, clam-style, flatstock silkscreen press that uses compressed air for a variety of functions. A couple of the pneumatic cylinders were acting up so we took it apart for cleaning and inspection.
pistons to be removed
Turned out that some of the internal parts had become loose and so the seals weren’t working properly. Just tightened everything up and it was back in action on the carriage.
Eclipse1           Eclipse4

We did have to replace a couple of the pistons in the vacuum table blowback assembly.

new pistons old pistons



by IndependentMachine on August 26, 2014

Two requests we get all the time are:

“I have this thing, can you make me 1 (or 3, or 10) more?”


“I have this thing, but it needs to be a little different… can you make me a new one?”

The answer is usually, yes. Whether it’s a handful of stainless steel drain covers for a yacht, precision mounting plates or that aluminum extrusion that you can’t find anywhere.

Stainless steel drain cover

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Screenprinting Cart

by Patrick on August 11, 2014

We built a custom cart for a buddy at East Bay Screen Print.  It was a good opportunity to use our lonely bender.  The cart was designed to fit all the materials for each job on it while allowing it to roll under all the platens on the machine.  We made sure to make it sturdy enough for Sean and his crew to goof around on it in the parking lot!


Large Roller

by IndependentMachine on August 8, 2014

We recently finished up a complicated assembly that fits into our customer’s assembly line and immediately got a request to make new roller that was larger in size.  Fortunately, we had the right thick-wall tubing on hand to do the job.
3inroller2   3inroller1

We turned 4140 for the ends.  These will get pressed in and ultimately bored out to accept roller bearings. After pressing them in they were welded and then faced on the lathe.

3inroller3  3inroller6  3inroller8

And finally turned to the final diameter and bored for bearings.


Come back soon when we will show the complete assembly that this roller is apart of.


Truck Rack

by Patrick on May 16, 2014

A simple truck rack made to accommodate the camper shell. Basic channel design with diamond plate gussets.


Cuttin' Delrin

by Patrick on May 7, 2014

Mark demonstrates the silly-string effect of cutting delrin.


Screenprinting Upgrade

by Patrick on April 28, 2014

An amazing screenprinter found us and need some upgrades made to his printing set up.

He has an AWT manual poster printing unit with a vacuum table. Some of his posters are up to 12 colors and he was having some registration issues, and also wanted to improve the operator experience too. We added a counter weight and some stops so that the screen would more gently rest in the up position; the side arm stand he was using was affecting the registration. [click for more…]


2014 Clubman Show

by Conn on April 1, 2014

The Clubman show is put on annually by the NorCal BSA Owner’s Club. It’s always been geared more towards being a venue for showing off rare or unique models and historically accurate restorations than as a forum for custom work, but there were some great examples of both this year.

And yet again I didn’t win raffle bike.

Click here to see the winning bikes or click below to see our photos.

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