C & P Adjustable Inking Rails

by IndependentMachine on June 2, 2015

We were recently asked by Sky of Blue Cards to recreate a pair of adjustable rails for their later model Chandler and Price letterpress machine. These adjustable rails were a later addition to the classic Chandler and Price design and were only made in smaller quantities.  They were intended to replace the need to add tape or other material to the rails to raise the inking rollers  to compensate for wear.
The two rails were both broken and heavily worn so matching the original design required trial and error to make the new parts fit.



Once we had the geometry nailed down we had the basic shape cut out by a waterjet cutter leaving minimal finish machining.


sky of blue rail inside
These kind of projects can be slow and nerve wracking but it is really satisfying to help make these old machines run again!


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