Damper Dyno Adaptor Sleeves

by IndependentMachine on November 18, 2014

As a lifelong car-nut and former raceteam engineer, I always welcome doing a project related to cars, motorcycles or racing.  So when one of my former co-workers started his own business servicing and tuning dampers, we were eager to help him out.  We’ve made a few adaptors for him in the past and he recently called to get some more made. What’s notable is that these are not for a racecar or a motorcycle but for holding mountain bike shocks in his damper dyno.


Andrew Brennan is an accomplished racecar mechanic and is now the Chief Damper Whisperer at Brennan Autosport.  If you ever need damper service or trackside support for your racecar, get a hold of Andrew and let him know what you need.


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