Letterpress Brake Repair

by Conn on February 19, 2013

This was a quick project for the San Francisco Center for the Book. A foot brake for an old Chandler & Price letterpress had broken and needed to be repaired by brazing.

Below is the brake when we got it; the broken point is a few inches above the pedal on the right.

SFCB holds over 300 workshops a year and many of their presses are used by students and printers on a daily basis. Whether at Laney College or SFCB, students can be hard on machines, so we thought a little reinforcement couldn’t hurt. The bar lying on top of the brake is being sized and will ultimately be bolted to the bottom of the lever.

Let the brazing commence:

Drilling and countersinking holes for bracing

Finished. Brazing is ground clean, and signs of reinforcement are minimal.

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