Rustic Hinge Re-Creation

by IndependentMachine on February 21, 2013

Reading our posts over the last few months, you may have noticed that the work has varied greatly by customer, scope and complexity.  In less than a year we’ve seen everything from the latest technology from BMW to 100+ year old letterpress repair.
Creating new hinges-halves to match those on the door pictured below utilized new technology to make something new, look old.

The hinges on this door were formed from 3/16″ thick steel plate:

Pitting and roughness developed after decades of use

Conn cuts the new hinge plates from 1/4″ steel

The hinge pins were turned on the lathe, again to match the existing pins, right down to the finials.  The smaller diameter section of the pin will go inside of the door hinge half.  The larger diameter will be welded to the plate (seen above) to make the complete hinge half.

Checking for fit before welding to the plate

The plate and the pin have been tack-welded. We did this for all three hinges, screwed the hinges to the 2×4 below and then checked rotation. This was done to ensure that hinges rotated without binding.

Accelerated rusting to promote pitting and age

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